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Janitor Trolley

Sell Janitor Trolley. PT. Ramdays Cendani Prima, a supplier of cleaning equipment that sells janitor trolley / cleaning trolleys with various types for the needs of industrial and commercial cleaning equipment. We sell janitor trolley which is a cleaning service equipment that is used to carry cleaning equipment and equipment. Janitor's trolley is a tool used to assist in cleaning jobs, cleaning the room and helping cleaning service workers. Various cleaning tools used by cleaning service workers include mops, brooms, rags, mops, buckets, as well as transporting trash in the room. If you bring the one-on-one tool will certainly be inconvenient. With this trolley cleaning tools will greatly help facilitate the cleaning work. Not only for home needs, janitor trolleys are used for building cleaning needs which are quite extensive such as hotels, apartments, malls, offices, hospitals, offices and others. Looking for janitor trolley for your building cleaning equipment? Contact us who provide this product with competitive and affordable trolley prices for you.
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